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Hydraulic Hose Repair in Houston


Set up a visit and we will help you design your hydraulic system with the correct hose and fitting application for your new product. Does the hose need a part number stamped on it?  No problem , we can do that.

Preventative maintenance

Is your machine being serviced regularly to ensure top performance? Schedule a visit and we will inspect and replace hydraulic hoses that are most likely to fail during your next big job.  We understand the importance of meeting your deadlines hassle-free. 

We have the ability to create any hose configuration on the market.  



Cut down on site down time.

Enjoy our special pricing for rehosing your entire machine to prevent unexpected hose failures.

Because the unexpected will happen - we are there when you need us.

When a hose fails, call us and our Rapid Response Team will be dispatched to  your site quickly with a fully equipped mobile unit to replace your hoses and get you back on track.

RE-HOSing Services